Contact the Orient Americanism Chairman

Central contact for all levels of Orient participation and involvement in programs, that promote patriotism, JROTC, any other matters that may arise that promotes love of country as well as supporting each Valley in there fulfillment of these efforts. Appointed volunteer


Tim Parker, 33°
Orient Americanism Chairman

2024 Americanism Valley Award-Orient of NC

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10Recognize veterans at every stated meeting
10Host a program on Scottish Rite disaster relief
15Organize a visit to veterans in assisted living
15 Visit veterans in a VA hospital
20Volunteer at least 10 hours total in a VA hospital/clinic
15Have a dinner for veterans and first responders separate from a regular stated meeting
10Host a member of the National Sojourners for a program
20 Participate in JROTC recognition awards in participating Valley schools
#__________ of Schools #___________ of total awards
15Participate in at least two community-wide patriotic national holiday events
15At least one member visits the House of the Temple and report on impact of Scottish Rite on American history
15Provide Masonic instruction on our Scottish Rite Creed and its origins in our degrees
20For at least 4 SR degrees, provide education on how their lessons impact the American way of life
15Receive education from a member of the Scottish Rite, who was not born in the United States, on Americanism.
10Provide education on the process of Naturalization to become a US citizen
15 Create or sustain an existing Americanism award in your valley that recognizes and promotes local Scottish Rite endeavors to impact Americanism
25Awarded for a significant Valley event that is not Orient directed and is directed specifically to Americanism.
(Requires approval prior to awarding points and no less than 7 items from the list completed within the award period.)

Provide a written report on how your Americanism initiatives have made an impact on our valley. This will be considered in any tie breaking that might occur. This document sheet can be used for that report. Narrative input is up to the Valley in regard to content.

The award period is being changed to a Calander year. This period will end December 15, 2024. This is the date the Americanism criteria report is due to the chairman of the Committee on Americanism. This change is made in order to allow proper planning and execution within the valleys yearly planning cycle and during one elected leadership period. The committee on Americanism will make a recommendation to the SGIG and the award will be given as soon as practical at the end of the calendar year.