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Scottish Rite journal, editor. Collect, edit, and coordinates information received from the Valleys that appear in printed newsletter formats for the Orient. Appointed volunteer


Craig Horton, 33°
Orient-wide Newsletter Editor

Wherever you are in the Old North State, whether it is coastal, piedmont or mountains, there are nine Valleys across our Orient who need and welcome your support and participation. Each Valley submits articles and photos with information of what has happened and current events that serve to inform their members of upcoming meetings or reunions, service to their communities or encouraging ways to support our Orient's Rite Care philanthropies. All Valley submissions are collected into the OWN (Orient Wide Newsletter) and appear on our Orient wide website. ( This communication format lets each Valley learn and share with other Valleys what we, as an Orient, are accomplishing as North Carolina Scottish Rite masons.

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15th of the month

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