Contact Orient NC RiteCare Chairman

Central contact for all levels of Orient involvement in charitable activities and support within each Valley. Appointed volunteer.


Alex Edmisten, 32°
Orient NC RiteCare Chairman

RiteCare Orient Committee

Golf Committee
Central contact for all orient level fundraising through the annual golf tournament at creating a network to oversee each Valley effort to do the same. Appointed volunteer
Region - Western
Western Carolina University
Marcus (Marc) Bryson, 32° KCCH
Region - Western Central
Appalachian State University
Alex Edmisten, 32°
Region - East Central
Lee Short, 32° KCCH
Matt Cockman, 32° KCCH
Region - Eastern
East Carolina University
Michael May, 33°
Advisory Council Jim Medlin
David Winslow
Chris Richardson
Phil Shortt
NC RiteCare Past Chairman Steve Pendergrass, 33°
Michael May, 33°

Scottish Rite Valley RiteCare Liaison

Asheville - 438 Clayton Harpold, 32°
Charlotte - 1443 Josh Bristol, 32°
Franklin - 46 Drew Norton, 32° KCCH
Greensboro - 616 David Griffith, 32°
New Bern - 962 Tim Milby, 32°
Raleigh - 466 Michael Orlando, 32°
Wilmington - 682 Justin Wood, 32°
Winston Salem - 549 Ken Allen, 32°